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5 Year Degree in Islamic Scholarship

Al-Salam Institute's five-year degree in Islamic scholarship is a part-time course that has been primarily drafted by Shaykh Akram Nadwi for people to become deeply familiar with the Islamic intellectual heritage, focusing on acceptance of different scholarly opinions and critical thinking, which has been a key component of our rich heritage of Islamic scholarship. In this regard, students will taught a variety of subjects in a manner that will enable the serious amongst them to successfully sit examinations that will give them the equivalent to a degree in Islamic Studies (what is called ‘alimiyyah in the Indian subcontinent religious seminaries, or madrasahs).

Outline of the 5 Year Programme

The course is divided into three parts: Foundation level (one year), intermediate level (two years) and advanced level (two years). Each level has modules and each module has units. Successful completion of each level will be recognised with a certificate:

  • Foundation level: Certificate in Classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences
  • Intermediate level: Diploma in Advanced Arabic, Quran and Shariah Studies
  • Advanced level: Degree in Islamic Scholarship (‘alimiyyah)

The course will cover the core modules of the programme; students will also have access to exclusive knowledge retreats and journeys abroad for focused study periods to cover auxiliary modules and units. Although it is recommended that students study the full Degree in Islamic Scholarship form the beginning, it will be possible for students to study modules or units independently. Students who complete any module or unit will be awarded a certificate for the module or unit; and whenever possible, an ijazah in the studied text by the teacher with a full isnad to the author will be provided.


A Message From

Shaykh Akram Nadwi

on the 5 year programme

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Foundation Level

[One Year] 2014/2015

Certificate in Classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences

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Intermediate Level

Scheduled for 2015/16

Diploma in Advanced Arabic, Quran and
Shariah Studies


Advanced Level

[One Year] 2014/2015

Degree in Islamic Scholarship (‘alimiyyah)

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