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Al-Tariq: Sacred Sciences Journey (Umrah, April 2015) Email




The Sacred Sciences Journey is a unique programme designed to enhance students’ spiritual development and to give students exposure to different international scholars. In April 2015 students will have the opportunity to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and attend structured seminars and lectures. ASI’s Sacred Sciences Journey covers the auxiliary teaching part of the Degree in Islamic Scholarship. It is an exceptional opportunity for those who cannot commit to the five year programme to travel and learn with Shaykh Akram Nadwi for 10 days.


Key Benefits

Al-Tariq: The Sacred Sciences Journey is an extension of the glorious Muslim tradition of students travelling in order to obtain religious knowledge; as heralded in this hadith in Sahih Muslim: “Whoever walks a (Tariq) path of knowledge, Allah makes easy for him the path to Paradise.”

The journey will have an in-depth syllabus of study, with a focus on the Quran and hadith, with instruction in Islamic spirituality. This journey will allow students to see the actual places of revelation and make tangible connections between what they've learnt and their locations.

The classes will be primarily divided between the Beginners and Advanced levels, according to ability, with each level receiving between 4 and 5 hours of instruction on a daily basis.

The journey is an opportunity for students to learn and spend time with various different scholars.

This incredible journey also allows students to participate in collecting different ijazahs and isnads from scholars that link one to the scholarly traditions around the world.

Dates & Prices

Confirmed Dates: 

28th March 2015 - 8th April 2015

Price includes: 
1) 4 hours daily structured lessons 
2) Visa
3) Flights (LDN Heathrow - Madinah) (Jeddah - LDN Heathrow)
4) Internal travel in Makkah and Madinah
5) Guided tours (ziyarahs)
6) 11 nights in 5 star accommodation 


Please note:

  • Female members of the group must be accompanied by a mahram.
  • Texts studied and scholars availability is subject to change.
  • Please see full terms and conditions.

We have limited the trip to 60 places. This will give each participant the chance to spend time with the scholars both in classes, in private time and whilst travelling insha'Allah.

Book now to avoid dissapointment or price increases.


Syllabus & Scholars

Teaching Schedule and Syllabi

Foundation Level - Morning sessions (8 am-12pm) with Shaykh Akram Nadwi and other Scholars: 

  1. Arabic: Spoken Arabic
  2. History: Seerah of the Prophet 
  3. Islamic Law: Fiqh of Hajj and Umrah
  4. Tafsir:  Fatiha & Last Ten Surah 
  5. Islamic Sprituatlity: Extensive Q&A sessions
  6. Sayd al khatir of Imam Ibn al-Jawzi
  7. Daily circles on purification of the heart

Advanced Level - Evening sessions (After `Asar/Isha prayer) with Shuyukh of Makkah, Madinah and others: 

  1. Juz' al-Ansari
  2. Juz' Ibn `Arafah
  3. Al-Ghaylaniyyat
  4. Al-Awa'il Al-Sunbuliyyah
  5. Al-`Ajluniyyah
  6. Al-Yani` Al-Janiy and other ajza'



Meet, learn and study with world-renowned and local scholars including:

Shaykh Akram Nadwi (OXFORD)
Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah (MEDINA)
Shaykh Abdul Wakeel Al Hashmi (MAKKAH)
Shaykh Ahmed Aashur (MEDINA)
Shaykh Mohammad ibn Abdullah al-Rashid (RIYADH)
Shaykh Majd Makki (JEDDAH)
Shaykh Hamid Ibn Akram al-Bukhari (MEDINA)
Shaykh Ziad al Tukala (RIYADH)
Shaykh Muhummad ibn Abi Bakr Badhib (JEDDAH)
Shaykh Abdullah al Toum (MAKKAH) and more!


Please note: Scholars, advertised texts and syllabi are subject to change



Provisional Itinerary

  • We will insha'Allah travel from London Heathrow to Madinah
  • We will stay in Madinah for 4-5 days.
  • Daily classes will be held for 3-4 hours from 8/9 am where Shaykh Akram will be teaching various texts in Hadith, Tazkiyah and Seerah.
  • Daily classes with local scholars will commence after Asr Salat / in the evening. We will travel to these Shuyookh and study Hadith texts such as Awail al-Sumbuliyah, Al-Ghaylaniyyat, Juz ibn Arafah and Juz al-Ansari.
  • Students will insha'Allah be able to obtain Ijazah Ammah in Hadith (General Teaching License for Hadith) from the scholars.
  • We will thereafter make the intention to enter the state of Ihram during our journey to Makkah with the intention of performing Umrah.
  • Shaykh Akram will be guiding us through the entire Umrah.
  • The class set up and schedule will be the same as in Madinah.

Travel Details and T&C

Sisters Travel 

  • This trip is open to both brothers and sisters, but sisters must be accompanied by a mahram or husband during all travel - no exceptions. We strongly recommend you do not submit your deposit unless your mahram submits a deposit and commits to the trip.
  • Due to Saudi regulations, if you are female or under 18 we require details of your mahram and your relationship to the mahram.
  • All female participants and their mahrams MUST upgrade to double or triple rooms.



  • Children are allowed to come with families, although we would encourage making child-care arrangements at home if possible to enable parent(s) to fully concentrate during the trip especially the classes.
  • The child fare is circa £60-£70 cheaper than the adult fare. 


Hotel Rooms

  • Rooms will be shared by up to 4 people. Room mate requests will be noted and we will do our best to accommodate these requests, although no guarantees can be made.
  • These rooms are in a suite with a separate lounge so all brothers will be located near to one another, thereby providing a better chance to learn from fellow students and strengthen ukhoowa.
  • Those who would like more privacy can opt for single or double occupancy which requires an additional fee.
  • Couples with children and all female participants and their mahrams MUST upgrade to double or triple rooms.
  • We will be staying in 4/5-star hotels near to Al-Masjid-Al-Nabawi in Madinah and near to the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah.
  • Further details on the hotel and it's facilities will be provided nearer the time, insha'Allah.



  • Breakfast: full breakfast is provided by the hotels for the duration of the trip.(TBC)
  • Lunch & Dinner: due to the classes and travelling throughout the trip, participants are expected to make their own food arrangements using the variety of supermarkets and many food outlets available nearby in Makkah and Madinah.


Extension of Dates

  • Travel dates cannot be changed or extended.


International Participants

  • If you are outside the UK, you are welcome to join us on the trip, although places are limited. Last year we also had international students alhamdulillah.
  • You can arrange your own  accommodation and travel to Saudi Arabia and join the programme in Madinah. In this case you would also arrange your own food.
  • Due to block-booking with the travel agents for British residents, we won't be able to host international students for shared accommodation. However, the more interest we have from international students, we can email students from the same city/country to suggest booking travel and accommodation together to save money.
  • The only fee payable to ASI by international students would be the cost of daily classes and ziyarahs (excursions to historical sites) which is £450. (5-6 hours a day of classes).
  • If you wish to travel from London with the ASI group then you must get a Saudi Visa from your own country. We will then book your package for the advertised price - in this case, all terms and conditions and deadlines to British residents would apply to you.


Non-Refundable Policy

  • We operate a non-refundable policy. We regret that we are unable to, and will not issue any refund, fully or partially, in the event of non-attendance - even in extenuating circumstances - no exceptions.



  • We regret that on this occasion discounts are not available. ASI has endeavoured to organise this trip in such a way to keep the price to the very minimum as to cover the trip's main and basic costs only. This is not a profit-making project. Further, due to construction projects in Makkah, hotels priced in the medium-range have been demolished and only hotels with the upper-price range are available near the Mosque, which also reflects the price given.


Travel Documents & Visa

  • As a standard procedure of any group Umrah trip, we will require the following:
    1. Valid Passport to be be sent to ASI two months prior to travel. Failure to provide the passport on time will mean you will be unable to travel and no refund will be issued. Once visa's are issued we will keep the passports with us and hand them to you at the airport insha'Allah. All passengers MUST ensure their passport is valid up to 30th October 2015, otherwise the visa will not be issued.
    2. A scanned copy of your password identity page. This can also be a photo, however the image must be very clear and the writing must be legible. This must be given by the deadline provided by ASI.
    3. 2 x passport sized pictures.
  • Note all the above is a normal and standard procedure of many Umrah and Hajj organisers and you need not worry insha'Allah. If you would like your passport back you must inform us in writing and kindly pay for any costs incurred in doing so.
  • ASI has the right to dismiss or reject participants before travel.


Health & Security

  • During the trip, all participants are responsible for the security of all of their personal travel documents and assets. Loss of items, passports etc are not the responsibility of ASI.
  • All participants are required to bring a sufficient supply of any prescription medication for the duration of the trip and are responsible for checking with their doctor about the side effects of the medication in the conditions of the country. ASI bears no responsibility or liability for any health problems, accidents or unforeseen circumstances affecting any traveller's health, security, or otherwise, throughout the duration of the trip. In case of emergency, the organisers will contact the designated emergency contact of the participant.
  • ASI is not a travel agency - we are however working with a travel agency who are organising for us. Whilst ASI will do its best to ensure a smooth and beneficial trip, thereafter any issues from the travel agency, Saudi authorities, hotels or airlines are not the responsibility of ASI, ASI will not accept blame.
  • ASI will endeavour to provide what is advertised, however due to matters out of our hand (but more so from the saudi authorities or travel agency) matters such as flight times, itinerary, guest scholar availability, hotels etc are subject to change. ASI will communicate all necessary changes to attendees.
  • ASI urges participants who are travelling to Umrah for the first time that this is not a holiday.  Anyone travelling for Umrah, from any part of the world, for any price, with any travel agency must expect a difficult trip - this is the nature of the Umrah, and the nature of the hot climate and busy infrastructure and system of Saudi. The price given by ASI reflects a standard 4/5* hotel experience (according to Saudi standards), teaching, and Ziyarahs. Having said this, ASI will help to mentally prepare all participants and provide material on fiqhi and spiritual preparation for the trip.



Registration & Deposit

To secure your place you will need to: 

  1. Fill in the Personal Profile Form here
  2. Pay your £300 non-refundable deposit (tickets will be issued)
  3. Scan through your passport profile to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  4. Send any relevant document to ASI
  • The reason we require this form is to book your plane ticket and also to help us prepare to make the trip safe for you (health and safety), beneficial (by knowing your education history and study preferences) and it will also help you mentally prepare yourself (by listing your expectations and personal statement).
  • Please note: you must write your name in the personal profile form as it appears in your passport.
  • You can only fill in the online form in one sitting as closing the browser window will not save your information. 
  • We will not accept any submissions other than through the online form. 


Deposit & Instalments 

  • A non-refundable policy of £300 must be made for your place to be secured.
  • The full payment MUST be received by 1st January 2015 - no exceptions. Payment should be paid in one-bulk sum.
  • ASI is not responsible for transfer or conversion fees. Your payment is not complete until we receive the total fee, which will often mean you pay a transfer fee to the provider (pay pal, eventbrite, your bank etc)
  • If paying in one bulk sum is difficult, please email us to pay in instalments. Instalment dates are fixed and cannot be changed, as follows:
  • Non-refundable deposit: £300: Wednesday 29th October 2014
  • Instalment 1:  Saturday 29th November 2014
  • Instalment 2:  Tuesday 30th December 2014



IMPORTANT: Once transferred, please email Al-Salam Institute to confirm this with your name, reference code (for bank transfers) and other necessary details.

Upon receipt of your payment (which may take place a few days after transfer), your place in the program will be confirmed via email insha'Allah.

Payment methods:

1. Eventbrite

Click here: 

2. PayPal

Send to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - not gmail.

We are not responsible for transfer fees, you must ensure this is paid.

Please ensure you reference your name and email when making a payment, as it is difficult to track payments without this.

3. Bank Transfer:

Al-Salam Institute

Sort Code: 40-02-33
Account Number: 51892819
BANK: HSBC, 75 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1DU

International transfer details

IBAN : GB15MIDL40023351892819. 

Please reference UMRAH - YOUR FULL NAME. 

Without this it is extremely difficult to track who has paid what.

Please email us afterwards with your name and reference code.


Foundation Level

[One Year] 2014/2015

Certificate in Classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences

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Applied Arabic and Grammar 1

Foundation Module 1: Level 1

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Applied Arabic and Grammar 2

Foundation Module 1: Level 2

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Applied Arabic and Grammar 3

Foundation Module 1: Level 3

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Quranic Exegesis (Tafsir)

Foundation Module 2; Unit 1

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Foundation Module 2; Unit 2

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Islamic Law (Fiqh)

Foundation Module 2; Unit 3:

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Usul al-tafsir

Foundation Module 2; Unit 4

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Usul al-fiqh

Foundation Module 2; Unit 5

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Usul al-hadith

Foundation Module 2; Unit 6

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Intermediate Level

Scheduled for 2015/16

Diploma in Advanced Arabic, Quran and
Shariah Studies
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Advanced Level

[Year One] 2014/2015

Degree in Islamic Scholarship (‘alimiyyah)

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Classical Exegesis of the Quran

Advanced Module 1

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Hadith criticism & fiqh
methodology of Bukhari
& Tirmidhi

Advanced Module 2
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Comparative Fiqh

Advanced Module 3

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Usul al-fiqh
Maqasid al-Shariah

Advanced Module 4

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Islamic History

Advanced Module 5

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Advanced Module 6

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Sacred Sciences Journey
(Umrah, April 2015)

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Islamic Law & Spirituality School
(Residential, August 2015)

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